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This is the story of a little traveler   Ivy the Dog between the continents. The travelers name is 'Ivy the Dog'. Ivy has been traveling for quite a while and now after seven months and a few thousand miles she has at long last reached her destination.

You'll get to know her better if you go near her with the mouse or even click on her.

Further details about Ivy the Dog. Among others about the somewhat different world of the dogs and the big fright when she escaped an unbelievable threatening situation.

For the interested: Some considerations about the MS (Multiple Sclerosis), what is the MS, a rather probable reason for the disease and how it could be affected. Unbelievable? Then take a view!

Additional links concerning Multiple Sclerosis and Amalgam.

Some links to different areas.

Last but not least let me draw your attention to my little guestbook. After the recent rework now it is ready to take new entries. Drop a line sometime ...

Gerald Hendess
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